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Default GUIDE: A few helpful audio resources.

Just thought I would share some very helpful resources in the audio field with you guys. - THE BEST resource on general wiring. This site basicly explains evrything electrical you could ever want to know. Give it a browse fella's. - another very good resource - Back when I was running my own small install business, and even now working at the larger company, JL's site has some awesome articles, the best being on how to properly wire up subs to get certain ohm ratings. Easy to understand. - I had one of these for a short while when I was competing, best way to set-up your own ride for SPL competitions as this is the official meter for all your major car audio shows.

These are all the ones I can think of at this point. This is sort of my first FAQ, but since I did not see this anywhere, I decided to make a guide. I will be updateing it periodically :thumb.:

**compiled from post #3** - I have no idea how I forgot this place, I outta be ashamed of myself. VERY good site - I found this one on google looking for another that I can't seem to find. Looks pretty good. - good how-to's, absolutely HORRID forum. Check out the How-To's - Only remembered this one when I came across it on google. Very basic, but great for a newbie at car audio. - I came across this and thought it was pretty freakin' cool.

Box Designs:

**THIS IS NOT A STREET BOX!! DO NOT PLAY MUSIC THROUGH THIS DESIGN!** This box is a competition box only, and WILL NOT play music...well, it WILL play music, but your sub will unload and basicly tear itself apart. This is a burp box meant for dirty SPL.

This is the design I built for adas, and is very similar to the box that's in the video in my signature, and it's a great street box. With my Resonant Engineering SE 12", and JBL BP600.1, I hit my max SPL of 140.7. In the competition box, I achieved 147.3

1993 Chevy S-10
Check out my audio resource guide here.
See my SE in action

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