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Default 2001-2002 BMW M Roadster

What do you all think about this series of car? I've liked them for years... well, liked the Z3/Z4's for years, until I found the M roadsters, and the more I read about the M roadsters, the more I wanted one. I personally like the sound of the 2001/2002 series, just because they're lighter than the later Z4-based models, yet still have the same S54 engine. And, as far as I know, it's the fastest 0-60 of any consumer-level production vehicle BMW has ever made. 315HP in a car that weighs 3000 pounds will do that.

On another note, it seems like a good investment. Less than 2000 of the 2001-2002 series (the only years with the S54 and the lighter Z3-esque body) were made... ever. So they're definitely going to be a collectors car. The problem is, if I bought one, I'd want to have fun with it, and probably stack up the miles on it. Still, better than stacking up the miles on a car that will be just about worthless when it comes time to sell.

Anyway, anyone have opinions on the series? Likes/dislikes? Other thoughts? I'm kind of thinking about a graduation present to myself come this fall... right now, the years I'm looking at are going for around $15k at the cheap end. Kinda pricey for my budget, but then again, the original pricetag was closing in on $100k, so I can't complain too much.

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