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Default nitrous ls vtec setup for my honda

hey guys im getting ready to build a new motor for my honda im hopeing to hit pretty close to 400whp but will more likely hit the 350 mark which is perfectly ok

first off im taking the 1.6li vtec head off my current motor and transplanting it on a 1.8li non vtec block im going forged wiseco pistons with eagle h beam rods and much more i am prolly going to build it in the 11:5:1 to 12:0:1 compression ratio area

im also going to use a wet shot of 175 for starters
here is the parts list as of right now it seems to change every day

b16a head----------------------------------------n/a
edelbrock victor x intake manifold------------------n/a
edelbrock 65mm throttle body---------------------n/a
adj fpr-------------------------------------------n/a
act prolight 7.5 lb flywheel------------------------n/a
act stage 2 clutch--------------------------------n/a
s1 lsd trans-------------------------------------.-n/a
hasport billit aluminum mounts---------------------n/a
__________________________________________________ ________

dsm 450 injectors----------------------------------used 50
skunk2 stage 2 pro series cams---------------------used 250 w/gears
__________________________________________________ _________
ls block w/ crank and caps and rods-----------------150
dual valve springs and tit retainers-------------------319
bronze vavlve guides--------------------------------89
custome exhaust piping 2 1/4"-----------------------100
magnaflow muffler-----------------------------------68
nx wet kit-------------------------------------------200
obx high flow catylytic converter---------------------60
walboro 255 fuel pump-------------------------------100
nippon racing head gasket----------------------------45 shipped
golden eagle ls vtec kit-------------------------------175 shipped
eagle h beams----------------------------------------310 shipped
forged wiseco pistons 81.5mm-------------------------430 shipped
hytech replica header long tube-----------------------390 shipped
comp clutch stage 4 6 puck---------------------------355 shipped
golden eagle head studs------------------------------122 shipped
gates racing timming belt------------------------------77 shipped
oem type roil pump-----------------------------------110 shipped
oem type r water pump-------------------------------113 shipped
TUNING____________________________________________ ________
dyno tune(cort tune)-----------------------------175
p28 ecu chipped/ socketed------------------------250
dyno rental---------------------------------------80 per hour
obd1 b series vtec dizzy---------------------------65 used
__________________________________________________ _________
grand est total----------------------------------4,223
here is my sleeper sedan build up thread

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