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Originally Posted by Fear of Oneself View Post
hey everyone i was looking at buying a car in the future and i would like some help.
I am 16 years of age and when i turn 18 ill be going to university and i need something to comute with.
I have a very small budget, realistically, including taxes and everything would be ~1200 bucks.
I have no knowledge what so ever about cars, but i learn as i go, i built a computer by doing that and look where i am .
For the car, is there a specific make or model to watch out for? I have ~1-2 years to find the right car so there is no rush, i just wanted to start my knowledge base now. I was looking at some cheap cars like cavaliers and civics/integras, something like that, im not too too particualar about looks or performace. (however a 04-05 mustang cobra with a kenne bell supercharger with a high-lift cam and borla stingers would be nice)

The main reason for this thread was:
to ask, what should i be looking for when it comes to car?
1) trannie, manual or automatic (i don't care, open to try both)
2) what milage is too high?
3) what cars have been prone to die?
4) what will i be looking at interms or maintance costs, other than oil, and fuel?
5) any specific brand good, honda or saturn etc.

Thanks again, i am eager to learn and i will do some lurking around this forum to see what i can learn about what basic parts and maintance strategies involve.
(tight for money, going to be studying computer hardware engineering and tution is $12000 a year)
1) Just a matter of preference.
2) Usually rule of thumb is 200k miles. However some cars will keep ticking long past then.
3) Lots...just think of it this way: If you still see a lot of 'em on the road, they're probably reliable. Ask us if you need opinions on a specific car.
4) Could be a lot, could be nothing. Luck of the draw.
5) All companies have good and bad cars. Personally, if i were you i'd look into Cavaliers. Cheap and trusty and reliable. No frills, gets you from point A to point B, and gets good gas mileage to boot.

Definitely stay around CarForum. You'll learn a lot from listening to us talk.
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