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Default Where to get some custom parts and what brands

Hey everybody. Im new here from OCN. I just happened to find this website on OCN while i was looking for an auto section over there. So recently I have given up on my dream(at least for now) of purchasing an old 69' mustang and restoring it myself. The main reason because of money right now. Im sure purchasing an old classic and fixing it up yourself is a lot of peoples dreams on here, ill just put that on hold for now. So I decided that for the time being, I would stick with my 97' Honda Accord and fix that up a little bit. I have already done many new modifications to it in the past, since the previous owner was obviously very abusive towards it. Iv already replaced 3 door handles, 1 window pull, and just about everything in the engine compartment aside from the transmission. yes that includes a new Honda motor. Iv already got a decent bit of money invested in this car so why not just keep it and make it last as long as possible. Iv recently had tint put in it, and coming from the stock NOTHING, my new 15% is looking better than ever as well as keeping it ultra cool in my lovely 100 degree weather. Just today iv purchased an entire new breaking system for the car and am planning on replacing it all myself in the coming weeks along with all 16 studs. The old rusted out ones are getting very annoying and have already had to replace one that broke off. Other plans that I have for it are body work, which I really need to do myself to save a TON of cash, a paint job which my car DIRELY needs, and what brings me here today, an entirely new light setup and hubcaps. Im wanting to get new tail lights, headlights and turning signals. My front passenger headlight is cracked, and my rear driver tail light is scratched pretty bad from when I backed into a brick mailbox(awesome I know) which is also where the bodywork needs to be done. So iv decided to go ahead and outfit my car with all new lights, and was wondering retail stores, and trusted online shopping stores where I could look up these as well as any brands and styles you suggest for my car type? The color of the car is a beige/silver. I am also looking at getting 4 new hubcaps since 1 of my stock ones is now broken. Those arent as big of a priority but something im still thinking about.

Long post I know, sorry about that. Thanks for any help guys and I look forward to the replies.

EDIT: Ok I uploaded some before and after pics of the mailbox damage. Doesn't take long to start rusting in the salt-air environment here. I picked up a spraycan of my color paint for my car, and after quite a lot of sanding and brushing, as well as a little of everyone's favorite, Acetone, I sprayed on the paint and it ended up looking 10 times better than before. I couldnt do anything with the dent that at time, but with all the rust removed and the bare metal now sealed and covered, I can take my time deciding what to do next with it. =)
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