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Default Need help increasning horsepower

Hey I am noob at car modding, and need some advice for boosting the power of my car. Overall all the performance is fine the main issue is I would like about 10% more power to help with merges/passing. I am not sure if it would be cheaper to go for weight reductions or to increase power.

My car is a 2004 ford focus zx5 manuel with no mods other than removing some seats and a few weight reductions in the interior.

I also do not want to hurt the fuel economy. I don't need it to be a race car or anything just about 10% more powerful when I floor it. I also want to get the cheapest option as well. These are the options I know about, what else can I do?
Supercharger: I am reluctant to get one cause I heard it hurts fuel economy
can you buy one that you can activate or deactivate while driving, or one that only goes on when you floor it?

Turbo: I am reluctant to get cause I heard its expensive

Cold Air intake: I am reluctant to get cause I heard it doesn't increase horsepower much.

Magnaflow exhaust: I don't know anything about this other than it makes your car a lot louder

Weight reductions: I am reluctant to get cause I think the $$ to weight ratio is bad compared to increasing horsepower.

Engine upgrade: I am reluctant to get cause I think it will decrease fuel economy, unless I get a v-tec in which case it costs a lot I think.

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