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thanks that was very helpful. I merge in third gear at high rpms. Are weight reductions worth it? its really hard to trim down the weight. I only managed to knock off 30lbs with all the weight reductions I did. I am interested in car anorexia, but I don't want to do any mods that can't be set back. Like I don't want to drill stuff out, because I will probably end up selling this car at some point.
I will get the K&N filter for sure, is their any specifics to buying them, or is it a one size fits all deal? Also will I be able to install it my self with a basic tool set (socket wrench/screwdrivers/etc) or is their a trick to it? Also is their any negative feedback from getting this? For example if its letting more air in will your engine get dirty?

For the spark plugs, could you recommend a brand? Or would I just look for "high performance spark plugs" I am interested in learning to manage my car my self and would like to install things, would this be a safe job to try, and could it be done with regular tools, or would I need to remove the engine?

For the computer adjuster that sounds cool, is the interface easy to operate and has simple menus, or do you need to know what you are doing to operate it?

If I had to go for 3 mods I am thinking
spark plugs
Air filter
and bigger throttle body

Would you say this is the best choice for my $$??
Thanks again for your help.

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