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Air filters do indeed do something. They filter the air. Now, if you have a 100% clean air filter, then dropping a K&N in wont do much justice, but, K&Ns are reusable, so it'll cut out the costs of buying new air filters all the time + keep the filter cleaner longer as the filter is made of a different material than just the normal paper ones that most people buy to replace their dirty air filters (or atleast, SHOULD replace) . Also, there isnt really any specifics to it, it is'nt "one size fits all" since there are many different shapes of air filters, but just take your car to AutoZone or take a picture of the current intake, and go buy an air filter that is the same shape and size, or get the AutoZone worker to identify it for you. It should'nt be too difficult.

For spark plugs, there is no particular brand I reccomend. Spark plugs are spark plugs. I reccomend getting a set of spark plugs that are "high heat" grade; they emit a more efficient and hotter spark, more thoroughly burning all fuel. Also, iridium, steel-plated, platinum, titanium, and all those materials that brands market their spark plugs over are not better than one another. Iridium can burn just as hot as Platinum, and so does Titanium and all those other wish-wash. It's the durability of all the spark plugs. Steel-plated plugs dont generally last as long as iridium. Also, if you NEED a brand, then I do reccomend MSD Ignition. They'll run just as hot as other manufacturers with the same material's as others, but they're renowned, have good customer support, have pretty decent prices, as well as sell their ignition kits in sets (coils, wires, plugs) so you dont have to mix-and-match all the ignition parts.

I'm with cluffenstein on the underdrive pulley issue. It does increase horsepower and torque, but at the cost of "underdriving" all your accesories. This includes alternator, air conditioner, compressor, power steering, water pump, and all the other little bits and bobs your car's engine runs. If you get one improperly installed, poorly designed, or wrongly order, then an underdriven alternator could be DEADLY to your battery, and it could mess up lots of other stuff. Not really worth it for a car modifying newbie to screw up his first car with.

I'm also with cluffenstein on the ECU reflash or retune. As I said; you can make your motor behave however you want if you reflash it or tune it. If you dont plan on reflashing or tuning, you should atleast get the equipment needed to read your engine maps and such if you want to get into cars. It'll really help you better understand your car.

Also, you dont need a brand new throttle body if you're going to get it. A used one will be fine. It's literally just a mechanical piece of metal that a metal wire attachs to in order to open it. As long as its clean and not rusting; thats fine. It'll save on money.

Again, may we get a budget? It'll really help.

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