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There's no other advice I could give you other than "it depends". If you were to give us a psi number, then that would help a lot; but since you didnt, I'm gonna just explain possibly what you may upgrade and what it'd do.

So obviously, you're going to need a supercharger kit no matter what psi you're going after. Roots, twin-screw, and centrifugal are all different; explaining the pros and cons of each could take another thread and would probably start a whole debate on controversal topics; so all I can say is "google it". They're all different and they all tailor to different needs.

Second, if you're going for high boost, (above 7psi would be in the "higher" region), then chances are you're going to need new fuel injectors. The simple reason; superchargers cram more air into the intake manifold, and the more dense the air is, the more fuel is needed to burn all that density; unfortunately, the factory injectors are only really good up to a certain point, so upgrading them is important else you'll run "lean" when you go past your injector's capabilities, which can cause valve-burn, white exhaust smoke, overheating, and a whole sleuth of problems.

Third, and again, if you're going for higher boost (this time above about 11 psi), then you'll need to upgrade the internals. Mustang engines are usually built pretty ruggedly, and I could give you more info on what psi would be a good time to upgrade and all that, but you never mentioned any engine numbers, trims, years-- heck, you havent even given us a generation. Anyway; the simple reason as to WHY you need stronger internals would be because more air in the cylinder during ignition = a bigger explosion. Obviously, the bigger the explosion, the more rugged your internals have to be to withstand the explosion. Failure to upgrade the internals can result in anything from blown head gaskets, blown heads, blown pistons, blown compression rings, blow valves... Really just blown anything. The "internals" you'd need to upgrade would be; pistons, piston rings, gaskets, blocks, heads, compression sleeves, and valves. They all come directly into contact with the explosion.

Spark plug probably wouldnt need to be even touched. You can if you like; but it isnt needed.

Fuel pump is just like the injector. Only good up to a certain point, then its capabilities are maxed. Usually this isnt until higher psi (above 8)

Intercooler is obvious as to why you need it. Cools down engine, cools down intake air; just a smart idea to get it.

Though really, if you're not planning to go for high boost, then you could be just fine with JUST the supercharger kit. Theres lots of people who buy a cheap centrifugal, boost 4 psi, change their ignition timing, and then call it a day. Give us some more info so we can tailor to your needs.

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