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Don't put forced induction on that mustang yet.

You don't need more HP, you need a good suspension setup, good wheels and tires, and some seat time.

I know you want to, but realistically, it's not a good choice.

The engine is gonna let go at some point in it's life and FI on stock internals is just gonna shorten that time. Save FI for a project car that isn't a daily driver, unless you get something with factory FI like a Shelby or a Roush, in which case you have the cash to throw around anyways.

First car, new driver, wants some track time now and then... FI is NOT a good idea.

For more information purposes though...

You would need to upgrade things like injectors, possibly the fuel pump, it would need to be re-tuned for FI. You would probably need higher flow fuel rails as well and need to run higher octane gas.

If you want to push a lot of PSI, you are gonna need forged internals. This means new pistons, rods, possibly a new block and more. All this on top of the cost to get the supercharger.
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