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Originally Posted by MovingPictures View Post
Thanks so much for your help, im gunna look around online just for prices right now, should mileage be a huge priority? im expecting something with 100k to 150k miles on it, or would that be out of my budget?
100k-150k would be fine.

Many many MANY, MANY people use mileage as a yardstick to how much life is left in an engine.

This is sorely incorrect.

Mileage simply dictates the minimum of how much life has gone; not how much is left.

Think this:

Two owners own the same car. The first owner takes immaculate care of his car, does an oil change every 3,000, valve timing checks, replaces any worn parts immediately, never lets his fuel pump run dry; etc. He logs 200k miles on his car.

The second owner only has his car for 10k miles, but he has never changed his oil, has let his fuel pump run dry all the time, and constantly full throttles the engine with no regard for it.

Which engine do you think is in better shape?

The first one.

Simply try to find a car that has an engine in good condition, and does not have major problems (rusting chassis, rusting suspension mounts, rusting motor mounts, etc. Rust is a *****; any rust that is not on a body panel or on a part that can be easily replaced is EXTREMELY bad, and can pretty much be considered as a car with "cancer".)

If worst comes to worst, you'll find a Subaru Legacy or Impreza with an engine on it's last legs; and that's fine. Replacing these engines can be quite inexpensive (can be as low as the mid 2 thousands to replace with a brand new, certified crate engine. Can be in the hundreds if you buy a scrapyard engine, which, there is no shame in.) and these cars are just plainly: Good cars.

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