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Default 1985 F150 with cold running probs

I have a 1985 F150 with the 300CI six, fourspeed overdrive manual. When warmed up, she runs about as good as she can for 195K on the clock. Starts on the second turn, stays running, no major missing or anything. When cold, however, it becomes quite finicky.

Sometimes, ittl fire up and go as if it were warmed up. Sometimes, when it starts, it sounds and feels like it's only hittin on 3 or 4 cylinders, then the remaining duds finally come online and off it goes. However, before it warms up, it misfires and stumbles when you abruptly give it gas. It will, however, spin right up without a miss if the throttle is gradually increased. This goes away when the temps come up. If it's in third or fourth gear, cold, and you give it sudden increase, it will acually completely die, throw you forward as if you had brakechecked, backfire and restart. Sometimes, this is accompanied with tirechirp. One day when it was paticularly ornery, I performed a power balance test and found that number 5 is barely hitting hard enough to make a sound. No RPM or smoothness change when that wire was disconnected, just an audible change in the exhaust note.

Other times, it just flat refuses to start. Took me 5 minutes straight to get it lit off one time. Again, once it's started, it wont stall and once warmed up, runs like a champ. When it's this much of a pain to get lit off, it usually behaves once it starts. It's only done this once so far.

Sometimes, hot or cold, it dies in corners. Right hand turns are the hardest on it. Other times it only sputters and misses, most of the time tho it just thunders on down the road as normal.

The last emissions check it had, which was taken while it was doing this, showed 35-40 HC's, 0.00% CO and ~20% CO2 at the tailpipe. I hesitate to trust this, however, as it's always had an exhaust leak. Post-test, one of the backfires from a stall acually blew a chunk out of the top of the muffler, giving it a nice growl and hardly any gases making it out of the tailpipe. I wonder if this is gonna fail it come January...

Any of you know what's going on under my hood and about how expensive the parts will be?
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