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Firstly, the odometer never has been and never will be a hard and fast "This engine has Y months left to live" meter. 70,000 miles might be absolutely knackered or it might be 'just broken in'. What does matter is maintenance history, initial build quality, and whether or not it's been abused during its life. My '85 F150 and the '96 Dodge Caravan we have sitting idle are proof enough. The Ford has twice the mileage the Dodge has, yet the Dodge barely runs(It forgets it has four forward gears more often than it doesn't, major problem, highly likely to strand whoever's in it) while the Ford runs great.

Secondly, while the Mr2 wasn't Toyota's best car in the world, it's still a Toyota. If it's been maintained and hasn't been run into the ground daily it should run just fine as-is. Do the basic mechanical checks, make sure it runs right before you put a single greenback on the table. If you want I'll try to dig up the checklist I use when I'm looking at a car. May take quite a while to find it, though.

Thirdly, don't be afraid to spend more on a healthy car. Trust me on this, I have firsthand experience. Buy the car that's already in good shape. Unless you're after a project car, and since you're still in college you don't have time to do a project car correctly, you are better off shopping around and potentially spending a few hundred more on a healthy car. Maintenance is cheaper than repairs, you'll save money long-term.

If you can't find a Mr2 that's in serviceable condition, perhaps a Pontiac Fiero will also work? Iron Dukes, the stock engine in a Fiero, are nearly indestructible, and Fieros are a similar type of car. The V6s are pretty good, too. Matter of fact the Fiero was the Mr2's main competition in America back in the day.
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