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Oh I know that if you get more than six gears the gearbox is perpetually confused, that's no secret.

I'm finding it hard to fathom why it took them this many years for a refresh that...didn't really do much. Can anyone find a major imrovement in this car?

Its entire powertrain pushes no boundaries, is quite conservative and outdated in a market massively crowded and competitive.

I'm sure the suspension is nothing special, being a Corolla.

I hate to sound like Clarkson, but how hard can it be? Seems like Toyota was sitting around, then suddenly realized they needed to update the Corolla! So they slapped some bodywork together, made the interior better and called it good.

In other news, I'm truly wondering how long it takes you to do all those quotes, Kenny. I tried it once. Grew too impatient lol.
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