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Originally Posted by Kenny McCormick View Post
I don't have a vendetta against hybrids that are simply sold as fuel efficient cars, even if I'd never personally buy one. What grinds my gears about hybrids is how people keep saying they're 'green' and trying to pressure me into buying one on that basis. That's why I can't stand hybrids.
This is the reason why I went for the plain clothes hybrid when I needed a cheap car with great FE. I also don't advertise that I'm driving a Hybrid or being "Green" (Aside from how amazed I am at the FE numbers..) I even removed the two Hybrid related decals on the car within the first week.

Gasoline is a fungible commodity. That means that if you don't use it then someone else is going to. Period. Read this over twice if you'd like. Print it out and tape it to to the nearest Prius for effect.

Buying a Hybrid is not better for the earth. In fact, keeping your old vehicle on the road is far better for the earth than buying any new car.

I am a huge proponent of EV and hydrogen technology because they make sense to me; not at all for any sort of "Green" socio-consumer mentality. I also use and greatly enjoy LED lighting in my home, and again it just makes sense to me and has nothing to do with advertising that I'm helping the earth or anything silly like that.

It's all marketing. Green sells cheap cars. And while it remains profitable to keep selling them, the actual highly efficient modes of transport aren't going to developed further until they need to be.

If anyone would like a demonstration of a truly efficient vehicle available today I can pull out my e-bike and remove the governor. 55mph capable if you have the guts for it, light enough that I carry it up a flight of stairs daily, and over 500mpg equivalent to boot. And that's just a simple bike built with used parts - imagine what's possible with some more engineering!

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