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Ok, status update!

My buddy's uncle got the brakes checked out. Turns out one of the thingies (yeah, I know, real descriptive, sorry) was stuck and it made one of the brake pads wear out much faster while the other brake pad was at 100%. He suggested I fix my rotors, not required but nice for fast breaking, and buying new rotors ended up being cheaper than getting them machined. So he put in one break pad to change out the really overused break pad, he happened to have a break pad that works lying around unused. So we'll get the rotors in a bit and change the new breaks then.

The oil change went smoothly once the god dam bolt went off. He had problems getting it off too, but he managed to get it off. He lubed it up to make sure nothing is ridiculously tight for next time. Very little oil left in the car when I changed the oil and the oil that came out didn't look too yummy.

From lying on the garage floor trying to loosen the bolt days ago, my right arm developed a rash from something on the floor. It's starting to get better but it's itchy.

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