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Default Best compact SUV?

Hi all! I'm in the market for a used compact SUV. My budget is 10-15k, but I have a little wiggle room as I'll be financing it. I'm looking for a reliable car with AWD or 4WD- something good in the snow, as I'm a traveling nurse and can't call out on snow days! I really do not care about aesthetics at the moment- sure they're a plus, but I don't want to take the comfort of the seat or how much glove box space there is. Just the car, and if it's going to be able to last me a while.

Just today I've looked at a 2009 Honda CRV (51k miles, $16k), a 2010 Honda CRV (87k miles, $15k), a 2008 Nissan Rogue (75k miles, $13k), a 2012 Nissan Rogue (17k, 35-40k miles i believe), and a 2011 Toyota Rav4 (in the park of 15k, unsure of milage). My favorite out of the bunch were the Hondas, but they were the first ones I looked at of the day and I have a habit of setting my mind on the first thing I see (this is a bad thing). I would like to look at another brand, but I haven't found the right one in my area.

I've looked up all the specs and ratings online, as well as consumer reviews. There seems to be something negative about every single one, which now has thrown me off. I don't know what is the most reliable and what would be the best deal. I'm not in a huge rush to buy, but I do need one in a matter of weeks.

If anyone has any experiences/advice/opinions on these kinds, or even another make that I might be able to find in my budget, please do share. I absolutely won't consider Chevys, as my family has had 3 and we're fed up with the cars and service. I'm biased against Ford as well but would consider. My last car was a Hyundai, but I found the car to be cheap and I'm looking more at Japanese made cars. Thanks in advance!

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