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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
Don't touch an Outlander with a CVT. You're probably not going to find a whole lot of them (and therefore have many options) because they didn't sell many of them. It's also worth noting Mitsubishi probably won't be around in the US much longer, if they are, their dealers won't as they're not moving product.

It's a shame you're not interested in GM products, from what I've heard the Equinox is a top contender in that segment. "Fed up with the cars and service" sounds like you need to find a different dealer, because service isn't reflective on anyone but the dealer YOU chose.

You should definitely test drive a Mazda CX-7 and CX-9 though. They former has a turbo. CX-5 will probably be out of your price range (but better than anything else you're looking at).

If you are dead set on something terribly boring, out of those you listed I'd take the CR-V.
We've just had 4 GM products and not one of them was a pleasurable experience, which is why we're trying other companies. I know people who love their Chevys but it just isn't working for us! I learned to drive in a 10 year old Silverado and I loved it when it wasn't giving me problems. Maybe it was just stinky cars in our area.

And boring is me. I'm going to be commuting and throwing a lot of miles on the car, so as soon as I'm done with my degree(s) and settle down I'm going for a mini cooper. But I will check out your suggestions. Thank you!

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