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Yes is what I would say, having just reviewed a very similar rollover, not to mention countless more in the past...

"Falling asleep at the wheel" as a potentially deceptive term. People rarely go to sleep for prolonged periods of time at the wheel. It starts with blacking out for fractions of a second, and than for a mere couple of seconds which tends to coincide with impending doom...

Since the body does not go through any of the stages of sleep (you need about five minutes just to get through N1), people don't usually remember these "micro" sleeps and tend to not remember the road behind them as they drive.

Roads are cambered to the edge of the roadway for water runoff. Proper wheel alignment mostly cancels this out, but when the driver is impaired or distracted, the car still tends to slip off of the road rather than into opposing traffic, which is generally a good thing.

The geographic description you provided, and the signs of gravel on the car suggests that the side of the road offered an open area of gravel with a ditch.

So, the car goes downhill into the ditch and the right-front wheel digs into the gravel. Car pivots around it and rolls over about it (think corkscrew) rather than a perfectly lateral rollover.

Hence the car suffered more impact to the front and rear rather than the sides and it had enough energy innit to roll a full 360 degrees and land on it's wheels.

Now, provided you don't drop on a rock and are properly fastened, these sort of rollover don't tend to end with very harsh consequences because you don't actually hit anything that halts you at once.

In the future, might I suggest getting decent amounts of sleep (and I am talking at least eight hours) between drives, and pulling over at a safe place whenever you so much as start to yawn or even get burning eyes and sore neck. Just nap for 20-30 minutes and you bought yourself about an hour of alert driving to get to your destination.

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