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So I go to buy the car, they guy says there are no flaws, no computer errors, it's in great shape, he just divorced and needed the cash to pay taxes. He had it listed for $5000, about $4500 less than most 06-07 autos. I wouldn't consider the 04-05, because they were 5 speed auto with torque limit in 1st and 2nd gear. I figured, "if there are major issues, I have $4500 to play with."

I get there, and it's got a couple dents on it and smelled like a smoker. I asked the guy if he smoked or if he know it had been owned by a smoker. First he said "no, I don't and I don't think so, no pets". He lied to me. Now I got him. Not gonna play nice. Get in the car, and drive her around rough with him. He's surprised about my knowledge of the car. I told him it's obvious the struts are shot, and the computer needs to be sent in for repair, and it would be about $800 to fix. I just complained about how inconvenient it was going to be, didn't say anything about bringing the price down. He immediately says he could go to $4500. Less than 90 seconds into the drive. Sweet. Drive some more, and park.

Offered $4250. He struggled, he was not comfortable, I gave him a blank stare, saying "hey, it's not like you said it was". He offered back $4300. Me? I know that's a bad-ass price, so I took it and ran.

On the drive home, I was playing with her on the highway. Steam came out of the vents. I know the turbo is almost directly below the radio. Smelled sweet. Thinking antifreeze on a very very hot turbo. So, look at the passenger footwell.... Yep. Heater core.

So far, planning roughly $1800 in repairs, $300 in excellent detail work. So, a realistic price of $6400 for this car. And those tires are brand new Toyo proxes 4.

kbb is a bad source for these. Most pricing sites are, because they ignore the R and look at it as a trim, and the 800 bergillion s60's lower the average price to make those tools useless. So I look at craigslist and swedespeed. I'm way ahead still. YEAH. Not to mention how HARD it is to find one.

And I went with the auto on purpose. I enjoyed the manual. It was neat. But I prefer the convenience of an auto. I still have that slap shift and it is VERY quick to respond.
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