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Originally Posted by Mr Car Guy View Post
I have no experience with that brand of tools, they may be good, they not be good!!

I began my career buying Snap-On & Mac tools. As the years passed I looked for good quality alternatives.

I've found that Napa & Husky (Home Depot) have been good choices.

One important thing about buying tools, beyond quality & lifetime warranty, is that you can actually GO and buy the tools, not having to order online. Online warranty may be good, but you have to ship them away to who knows where and wait for the replacements to arrive weeks later. When I have a tool break on me I want it replaced NOW. Home Depot and Napa are not going away anytime soon.
I was more interested in specific sets, rather than manufacturers.

I am a hobbyist, so no worry about waiting couple weeks for mail in warranty. With me, ever harbor freight tools would survive with as light of a use as i will subject them to, i am looking at premium brands for added functionality like finer ratcheting mechanisms, less sloppy flex head. The gear wrench sets i posted above go from 8mm to 25mm and 5/16th to 1"; are there sets that go smaller on small end and larger on large end or are these gearwrench sets basically as complete as it gets?

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