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Default 1960 Chevy Corvair

I'm working on a Corvair, trying to get it to the condition it was in some 20 odd years back (Before my time, Y'see.) I've got a job and a half to be done, I need to get the body fixed somewhere, I need ALL new rubber mounts (Rubber anything is going to be replaced), I'm going to have a practically new front end in it, the rear end is going to be practically new, as well.

It runs like a dream, though, and doesn't look THAT bad...Uh...Yeah right.

This is Chevy's Beetle, I call it, but it has globs more power.

No pictures, no camera.

It was restored to like new condition that 20 some odd years ago, it has 30 over pistons, or is that a 30 over Camshaft? (+.030 Pistons, 30 series Camshaft, whatever that means.) It has 2 two barrel Holleys sitting in the back seat, along with adapters, but spacers have to be made for them to fit, which will come WAY later.

Things done: Rebuilt Carbs, Brake lines/hoses, new clutch, switched PG to 3 Spd, "restored" the shift rod (Bushings, etc.), new fuel lines, sealed up the holes in the gas tank. Engine was completely rebuilt in like 1985-ish, so I don't *have* to do anything to the engine.

Things to be done: Fix the Body, Get new tires, get the old Gas Heater working, get new body mounts, get new (Insert thing with rubber here), get new rubber seals for the motor compartment (It's an air-cooled engine), get the headers on along with the mufflers, get new shocks & springs, get new upholstery, fix the drivers side door handle, get new door "skins", get new weatherstrips/fuzzies, sand it and paint it within the next month or two, fix the trunk compartment of holes, get all new harnesses and lights, etc.

As you can plainly see, this isn't going to be a fast job, nor a cheap one, but it'll be worth it when I can go down the road in it, looking and running as good as new, no, Better than new.
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1990 Toyota Tercel Hatchback
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1960 Chevrolet Corvair

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