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kinggrant 09-04-2018 06:31 PM

02 corolla wont stay on?
2002 Toyota corolla CE manual
I cant get the car to stay on. I turn the key, it stays on for a second, the RPM rises to 1k, the car shakes and shuts off. Push the gas In and the engine does not rev.

I believe it is related to some problems I have been having. The right tier is out of line. The car shakes/wobbles on the front right tier (much more noticeable at low speeds, harder to control the car at high speeds.) Sometimes the car does not want to clutch brake. Other times it will clutch brake but releases the clutch at lower speeds (around 20mph). When releasing the gas the front right does not dive down like the left. I drove it with extreme caution I could only keep one side of the car (left or right) straight at any time. A few weeks ago I had no choice but to drive the right side(both tiers) off a steep curb, and back up it. I think going back up the curb was allot harder on the car then going off the curb)

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