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Unread 07-27-2007, 07:41 PM   #1
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Default Honda Civic


Yesterday (July, 24th),at 6 pm, my wife, my son and I went to HAPPY HONDA at HASTINGS STREET in Burnaby in high spirit. Prior to this, I took a very long period to make a decision between MAZDA 3 and Honda CIVIC. Strictly speaking, I would like MAZDA 3 more, because it has faster acceleration, more horsepower, and also looks better, which is not so fashion (more suitable for my kind of elders). However, the locks’ problem of Mazda 3 is a very big defect. For now, many people already know: Just to punch the driver-side doors, the locks will open automatically. In addition, acceleration pedal and brake pedal of Mazda 3 are too close, my feet always easily touch brake pedal and feel uncomfortable. Moreover, there are more minor defects. Both my wife and I thought it over, finally decided to purchase a HONDA CIVIC. The people who drive Honda or Toyota vehicles before could think both of these two brands of cars have good quality. To cut a long story short, yesterday, when we arrived HAPPY HONDA, our sales person -- FRANCIS YAU (surname Quip) is talking to the other customers. We waited for a while. After he said good-bye to the customers, we walk downstairs to the basement of their company. After we confirmed that the color of that car is what we ordered before, we returned upstairs. And then, we began to process, check prices, sign some paperwork, and write checks. Of course, they are polite and wore a kind smile. After that, we went to insurance which is the same: signatures, payment. It was all very smooth. Finally, we went back to the basement where Mr. Quip began to explain how we use the vehicle's features. Then, my wife and I carefully checked the car's exterior; I think there should be no problem and I trust the quality of HONDA. Finally, Mr. Yau drove us to to ground level. We finally saw the sun. We got a new car so we were very happy.
This morning, I arrived at the company. Because I was early, I sat in the car and looked around. When I leaned forward to look to the left hand side window glass, I suddenly found that there is a small triangle window in the big window. What is the design? I look at the window of the passenger side; there is no small window. Then I suddenly noticed that the glue of the door opening seal was gone. I murmured: OMG. I just bought a brand-new car with defect. At that time, I was shocked. I checked out the car carefully. Really yet ah, the gap between car dashboard and an A pillar are asymmetric. OMG. What is the quality of the Honda cars? In my mind, Honda’s quality is just behind the Toyota, but Honda actually produces such inferior products. I told myself, not surprising, maybe HAPPY HONDA will change a new car for me.
Wait until 10 o'clock, I immediately made a phone call to Mr. YAU. I told him the situation, he only told me to drive to his company. Let him look at and then make a decision. Then he hung on the phone very quickly. The attitudes of the sales person are totally different before they collect money and after they collect the money. Later, I thought: Mr. Yau does not look at my car. How can he make so big decision whether to change a new car to you or not?
Finally I finished the work, I immediately drove to HAPPY HONDA. I think Mr. Yau would be there waiting for me. When I pushed the door. Only one white-hair, the older sales person (likely named Raymond) in the office of Yau (in fact, not his personal office). I told him I was looking for Mr. Yau. He told me that Mr. Yau has just gone. And then, he asked me what happened. I probably told him the situation of my car. I thought that before Mr. Yau left, he already told this guy how to solve the problem. I think it does not really matter. Who will solve the problem is the same? The most important thing is to change a new car as soon as possible. (It is very stupid. By this time, I still have paranoia). Then he told me to the outside. After he checked the car, he told me that he had to inform service department to fix my car. I immediately said to him, can I change for a new car? I owned this car even less than 24 hours. I can not spend 2X, XXX bucks to buy a brand new car which have to repair. He said: Why you did not notice the defect before you buy the car? I said, at that time, the basement was dark and difficult to see. And also, you have to stretch out the neck to find out the problem. He then told me that, oh, you came here in the evening. (that tone seems to have the inside story) then there is no way to change a new car, because cars have written under your name. Changing a new car is impossible. At that time, I was very upset and I said, I want to see your manager. He calmly said, alright! Then he guided me to meet his sales manager named BRIAN. At that time, that manager was writing the EMAIL. He told me to wait him for a minute. After he finished the e-mail, we went out again. After he checked the car, he told the seal problem is very common. Everyday they could meet a dozen of same problem. He told me that he will let the maintenance department for replacement of the new seal. As for the asymmetric dashboard on both sides, he would like to ask the maintenance department. He wanted me to wait a minute. Five minutes later, he brought a service advisor. After advisor check the seal part and said that after they order the part, they can fix it. But the dashboard would have more trouble, because it is difficult to match perfectly. And they can not make guarantee. What they can do is to try. The manager said to me, well, you go with him. He will help you fix the car.
When I went to service department, I suddenly noticed that the purpose that I come here is to change a new instead of fix the car. I really can not stand for it. Obviously that is the inferior quality of HONDA. Why should I pay for a brand-new fixed car? I immediately said to the advisor whether I can change a new car. I can not buy a new car and then have to repair immediately. He said, I can not make a decision; I am only responsible for fixing the vehicle. If you want to replace a new car, you have to talk to the manager. I said, okay.
I returned to the office and told the managers that I can not repair this car; I can not buy a new car and repair immediately. He bent to immediately change and told me, it is absolutely impossible. This problem is small problem. If we change every car like you, we have to change several hundred cars every year. The only thing we can do is fix your car. I said, well, like what you said, the seal problem is a small problem. How about dashboard? Do not tell me you guys can fix it with a screwdriver. Then his tone eased a little bit and said, if you want to replace it. I have to talk our general manager. I said, alright! He then walked into the middle of the office and talked with a black man for a minute. And then came out and told me no way, definitely not. I think this is what kind of the world!! Fine, what I can do is to fix my brand new next Wednesday.
For new, some people will jump out and said you idiot. You did not check out carefully and bought a god-damn car. Why you still post your article on internet.
Here, I have a few points I would like to say.
1. First of all, this is the quality problem of Honda. They should not let this kind of car drive out the factory. I do not know what happen to the TQC of Honda. They can not give the customers a test. If the customer finds out the defect, the Honda is unlucky. Honda will get back the car. If the customer cannot find the problem, and then the customer is unlucky. The customer has to fix his/her brand new car.
2. You have to select a car dealer carefully. If you really want to buy a car at Happy Honda, please check the car at daytime on the ground, not in the basement. A lot of problem will be discovered under the sunshine.
3. In addition, the people who want to buy Honda should pay attention: the quality of Honda may be match what you expect. That is may be the reason why the sales of Mazda 3 will exceed Honda CIVIC in Canada. Check the car carefully. Do not trust HONDA any more.
4. The sales persons are the same around world. Whether in China or Canada, the attitude before they collect your money is totally different from that after they already collect your money. At least, my experience in HAPPY HONDA told me that is true.
5. Some will say that this is an individual event. I would say that you are right, this is an individual event. And also I was unlucky. Let me choose a defected car. But the manager of Happy Honda said they meet several hundred same problems within one year. That means that is not just an individual phenomenon. At least, that tells us the quality of Honda is going worse and worse.
Sum up: choose brand carefully, choose model carefully, and choose your dealer carefully. Good luck!!

P.S. Is that very difficult for Honda to change a new car for a defected car. Is Honda too cheap or too poor?

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Unread 07-27-2007, 11:00 PM   #2
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Not a very HAPPY HONDA customer, huh, lol.

I've never heard of that kind of defect on a Honda before in the USA....maybe Honda ships defects to other countries?

You are right about carefully choosing car dealers. Some can be trusted, some can't.

I would have thought that they would replace this new car also...I mean, it not only had the seal defect, but a messed up dash as well?! That's crazy.

Hope everything works out for you. I would raise Hell until everything is completely right.

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Unread 07-28-2007, 01:54 PM   #3
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Don't forget your lemon law. This has nothing to do with the dealer but with Honda. If you can prove that it is a factory defect then Honda must repair or replace it. I would be happy with the repair because I do know that the processing fees of selling a car cost several hundred dollars. Also since the car was titled in your name they would not be able to fix it and sell it as new. It would have to be sold as used which would take another several thousand off of the car.

One thing about the lemon law is that if you win in court you may get a new car, a full refund, or a partial refund due to the defect on the car. Since the defect is minor I would take the extra money.
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Unread 01-16-2008, 01:26 AM   #4
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I've never dealt with happy honda, however we did go there to get a quote for an accord 3 years ago when we bought a new car. Their sales team puts a lot of pressure on, obviously showing that they're working on commission.

As far as quality goes, we got a fully loaded 05 accord and it was nice, everything was perfect except the center console died after about 9 months, the car was still under warranty though and the people at the dealership were happy to fix it. I guess it really depends on what dealership you go to, we dealt with vancouver honda... The one on the way to the airport, on marine drive.

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