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Unread 06-06-2015, 02:21 AM   #1
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Default Chevy Sonic Upgrades

Hi all,

I am just basically a broke 17 year old guy from Canada and want to get into the car modding scene.

I have a 2012 Chevy Sonic with the base 1.8L engine and I wanna make my car maybe standout, I am not to much of a standout guy so I just want something that people will look at but not stare I don't wanna attract tons of attention. (Hell a Chevy sonic won't do that anyways)

anyway my goal is work all summer and get enough $$$ for upgrades. Current upgrades in my head Id like to consider: New stereo (Stock one is so crap) a body kit and new rims.

I am attracted to this body kit 3d Carbon® - Chevy Sonic 2012-2015 Body Kit

I don't have a white sonic mine is silver but with the upgrades I wanna do, will these upgrades make me look like a ricer? cause trust me I hate Ricers and don't wanna be known as one at all. I just want my car to look nice in a non ricey way and standout. Oh and eventually later in the year maybe an exhaust probably not. I just want cosmetic mods at the moment. Any tips? but again keep them as non rice as possible.

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Unread 06-07-2015, 12:22 AM   #2
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I mean any add on's to a 4 banger is going to feel a little rice'y. I think that kit is pretty tasteful and not too far over. Any performance upgrades are not going to probably be worth your time on this car, if you want to throw some money at looks I say go for it, but the cost for a tiny bit of performance isn't going to be worth what you spend. New Stereo is easy, you can do it or any shop can for you. Be careful on the wheels they could have you looking rice'y too, also keep in mind that if you go giant wheels that are lower profile and wider, they will do poorly in snow, which might mean buying a set of snow tires as well.

For looks you might try seeing if you could add dual tailpipes, it would add a better look, not going to do much for performance(I would just do muffler back).

When it comes to performance you can't add just one thing(Exhaust-header+pipes) because for the better flowing exhaust to work, you need better air intake(cold intake manifold), and you need more fuel(higher pressure fuel injectors), and then you need the computer to be programmed to adjust to these new settings. One thing without the others might result in lower performance than stock, just something to keep in mind.
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Unread 06-07-2015, 09:46 PM   #3
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Yeah no not that.
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