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Unread 02-20-2016, 02:33 PM   #1
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Angry What do you think!?!?!

Normally I praise Les Schwab, in this case, no. I got an alignment when I bought 2 new tires. the old tires went to the front and where not that bad. now (20k miles later, yea I know that's a lot) I got a flat because the 2 front tires are bald on the inside of the well- only (hadn't noticed because the rest of the tires still had a lot of tread). Worn on the inside of the well only!? I go there to try to get something done because that isn't right. the first person I told directed me to someone else, the 2nd gave me a quote of 2 new tires as if I didn't know that I had 2 bald tires! the 3rd guy came up askin about what tires I wanted, as if I hadn't already said the problem twice. their only response to my 2 tires being bald was due to not rotating. granted I agreed I should have rotated, but you are trying to tell me that if I had rotated, everything would be fine. NO, IF I HAD ROTATED I WOULD HAVE ALL FOUR TIRES THAT ARE BALD IN THE INNER WELL FROM THE BAD ALIGNMENT THAT THEY WOULDNT DO **** ABOUT! then he kept going back to saying I should have rotated them, and that is the way my car is cambered. I replied, so all cars or all mazdas should ride only on the inside wall of the tires? he said, no just yours. REALLY?!?!?! then he told me they were also gonna quote me for new shocks because there is something wrong with those if my alignment and tires are like that! really?! I love your initiative for makin a buck! I kept trying to explain, if my front tires are that bald only in that 1 area of the tires over that period of time then that is the alignment I had received. NOPE, its out of the 30day period so I could have knocked it out of alignment, and he just kept sayin they should have been rotated. So I asked if I had a free alignment check now, what would that tell you? his response, "its out of alignment." REALLY?!?! WOW!!! Thank you!!! now I am down 2 tires, and am aware of how desperately I need another alignment. But that is just because I didn't rotate(sarcastic). So you are also telling me that could have been able to tell that my alignment was that ****ty within 30 days? Okay, how about that sound the tires made afterwards that I brought back because they didn't sound right? Oh yea, YOUR PEOPLE SAID IT WAS NORMAL FOR TIRES TO BE LOUD WHEN DRIVING. YEA WHEN THEY ARE OUT OF ALIGNMENT!!!!!! but instead I trusted these "technicians" and now my tires have an uneven ware and I need to pay at least another $340. is offline  
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am i crazy?, les schwab

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