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Unread 03-19-2016, 12:49 AM   #1
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Default '16 Mustang EB vs FR-S vs Camaro LT vs Challenger R/T

This may or may not be in the right subforum. I decided to post this here as I saw some similar threads on this subforum.

A little backstory:
I'm turning 19 in early April. I work a decent, but low, wage part time job. I'm switching jobs in the next month, and will be making roughly $30-35k a year. I still live with my parents, who graciously only charge me less than $200 a month.
I also have two very hefty speeding tickets from January and February, both yet to be added to my license.

The question:
With my increased income, I had the quite stupid idea to shop around for a sports car for $28-35k. Because, hey, two tickets isn't enough!

Here's the dilemma: there's a lot to choose from. These are the ones I'm stuck with (2016 for every one) (also, each one has options and packages added to the price):
- Ford Mustang Fastback EcoBoost Premium ~ $33,600
- Scion FR-S ~ $28,700
- Dodge Challenger R/T or R/T Plus ~ $32,500 or $35,900, respectively
- Chevrolet Camaro 1LT ~ $28,400

There's also a few other models in my price range, that I've all but ruled out entirely due to lack of options:
- Nissan 370Z (Would love one, but damn there are almost no options)
- Hyundai Genesis Coupe (They're nice but I cannot mean this more literally: you only choose the color. No matter what trim, there are literally no other options)
- Hyundai Veloster (I haven't totally ruled this out, but I really want a sports car. This is essentially an upgraded tC (what I drive))

Why I need an outside opinion.
Now, before anyone starts talking trash on this model or that model, let me put this out there:
I do not care about speed. I've more than learned my lesson. I'm just glad I was caught before I hurt someone else. This is not a matter of who has the most HP. Otherwise I would buy a Mustang GT Premium and viva la vida.

I've actually been sold on the Mustang EB up until a few minutes ago, when I realized that, it's a lot of hp. I don't necessarily know if I'm mature enough to the point where I can handle 300 hp.

Here's my thoughts on each of the four:
- '16 Scion FR-S: I chose this over the BRZ because of the options.
Most sensible and closest to what I already have. Also could keep me occupied with mods.
- '16 Dodge Challenger R/T: I chose the R/T over SXT because it's the cheapest manual option. The R/T Plus is included because it has leather seats and Adaptive Cruise Control.
I don't know why, but Challenger's are a dream of mine. That said, I seem to change my mind about it's appearance every time I see it. It's also expensive.
- '16 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT: I originally wanted the 2LT for a few added options, but the options I wanted didn't warrant an extra $8000
Old habits die hard, and I used to love this car. Plus, Bumblebee. It's also cheap. But, I don't feel strongly about it, and it's probably last on my list.
- '16 Ford Mustang Fastback EcoBoost Premium: I'll admit it, I like i4's. Plus, the V6 has that godawful center stack, no ceramic leather interior, and no Adaptive Cruise Control.
The Mustang is one of my (realistic) dream cars, going back all the way to a '64 1/2 in Cherry Red to a '69 Boss 302 in Acapulco Blue to a '16 in Deep Impact Blue. It's honestly held in high regards for me. The only negatives I have are it's the most expensive, and it may be too powerful for me.

Right now, I'd say my choice is in this order:
1) Mustang EB Premium
2) FR-S
3) Challenger R/T
4) Challenger R/T Plus
5) Camaro 1LT
6) Camaro 2LT (I priced around $34-35k)

So, there you are. That's what's been going through my head. Until now, my girlfriend has been helping me decide. But I think she's getting so sick of it, if she hears 'car' one more time I'll never see tomorrow. So I need everyone to give their opinion of which car I should choose.

[Addendum] Before you post, please read these:
1) I am not set on buying a car. I'm quite content with my dinky tC. I am just merely keeping my options open.
2) I know how much these cars depreciate. I've done extensive research with pricing, kbb, etc.
3) I know how much insurance will be. More than half my research has been spent on researching insurance.
4) This is not an impulse purchase. I won't, and can't, buy a car for another 3 months. This will give me enough time to get a down payment, plus I'll be more sure of whether or not I'll keep my job. The last thing I want to do is pay $30,000 for a sports car, then have to turn around and sell it for $25,000 the next month.

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Unread 03-21-2016, 08:00 PM   #2
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None of the above. Not a good purchase.
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Unread 03-22-2016, 09:28 AM   #3
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That is WAYYYY too big of a budget on your income. I can't in good faith recommend any of those cars. I think you are completely leaving out how much you'll be paying for insurance as well. Spending 100% (or over, after taxes and everything) of your yearly gross income would be extremely ill-advised and is wayyyy more than you should even consider paying for a car right now. You could probably secure a loan but you would be paying out the ass in interest.

The fact you've included so much information irrelevant to JUST choosing a car (income, tickets, rent, etc) is extremely suggestive. To me, it means you are desperately trying to justify buying a car you know you can't afford and shouldn't buy.

Stick with what you have and save your money.
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