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Default USA - New Car Vs Certified Pre-Owned and Sedan Vs Mid Size SUV and Best car to purcha

USA - New Car Vs Certified Pre-Owned and Sedan Vs Mid Size SUV and Best car to purchase among the list

Dear Experts,

I'm confused in choosing New car Vs Certified Pre-Owned car and whether i need to go with Sedan or Mid size SUV and which car among the list mentioned is the best one to purchase. I'm tired of meeting different dealers & the guidance they give is not satisfying .

(1) My initial plan is to purchase a New car but this will be my first car & started driving recently. I came to know from my friends it would be good to start driving used car for 6 months or a year & later purchase new one. I drive smoothly by following DMV rules of the road but even though i wouldn't drive rash , Is it wise to purchase New Car or Certified Pre-Owned used car ?

(2) If i opt to purchase Certified Pre-Owned car :

(a) Is there any website where i can see which year Car Make, Model is good in features & no recalls with security ?

(b) How many miles it would be decent to choose used car - I came across it is less than 50K miles but is it good to go for more miles ?

(c) Which year model i need to choose - Years : 2008 - 2010 or 2013 - 2014 Thinking about Resale value, safety, features ..etc it would be wise to choose which year or let me know if there is any other year ?

(3) Things to consider in choosing Sedan or Mid Size SUV

(a) I want to purchase HONDA ACCORD if it is Sedan or choose HONDA CR-V for Mid Size SUV. Please correct me if there is better car mentioned below in point - 4. Note : This doesn't mean i like HONDA much. I came across this info from some of my friends.

(b) I noticed that it is easy while getting in & out of an Mid Size SUV when compared it with Sedan. I'm not so fat less than 200 pounds with height 5 foot 11 inches.

(c) Space - I'm getting married this year thinking about future i believe Mid Size SUV helps me with good space during shopping & relocation whereas Sedans don't have much space.

(d) Speed - Acceleration and Power & Cylinders : I came across mostly Speed - Acceleration and Power of Sedan is more powerful when compared with Mid Size SUV due to its shape, size & other factors. I believe this speed is important during overtake & other reasons, Do i need to choose V4 or V6 engine or higher ?

(e) Two-wheel drive (2WD) or All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) - Currently I stay in Virginia where there is snowfall in winter, Is it good to choose Two-wheel drive (2WD) or All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) ?

(f) Features : Thinking about features in Safety Side Airbags, Dual Air Bags, Rearview Camera, Parking Sensor, Heated Seats (I stay in Virginia due to snow are they required)..etc what all features i need to opt them ?

(g) Towing Capacity : Towing capacity varies by year, make and model. It is important when we got struck up when compared to sedan Mid Size SUV is more tough ?

(h) Trim Levels Example Honda EX vs EX-L..etc - How better are these features useful to spend additional price ? Leather-Trimmed Seats, Heated Seats (I stay in Virginia due to snow are they required), Roof, Alloy wheels, Navigation, Dual Air Bags, Side Air Bags, Backup Camera, Parking Sensor, Power Steering, Power Seat, Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Keyless Start, ABS (4-Wheel), Daytime Running Lights ..etc

(4) Among the list of cars which car would be the best one in the means of good security, resale value, Horsepower, Features, Reliability, Less maintenance, price ..etc

Mid Size SUV

(a) HONDA CR-V --> I would like to go with HONDA CR-V if i choose SUV, what do you say ?
(g) Mercedes-Benz® ML350 (Certified Pre-Owned only)
(h) BMW X5 (Certified Pre-Owned only)


(a) HONDA ACCORD --> --> I would like to go with HONDA ACCORD if i choose SUV, what do you say ?

Note : This doesn't mean i like HONDA much. I came across this info from some of my friends.

(5) Price , Reliable source for purchase, Loan, Lease

(a) Price : Since depreciation rate is high which gives less resale value in returns & other factors..etc What would be the idle amount to spend for car purchase. I think these are the prices which i can afford, do let me know if my plan is wrong ?

For New Car : 25K - 30K

For Certified Pre-Owned : 12K - 18K

(b) Reliable source for purchase : I'm sick of different price, quotes from dealers with features & other online sites . What would be the Reliable source for purchase - Dealer, Carmax..etc ?

(c) Lease : Based on my current living condition i travel less to work, shopping ..etc but in future i might need to travel. what would be the best choice whether i need to purchase New Car with lease or not. In general i have seen people having 2 cars where they own 1 car & lease the other. If i take lease right now & plan to purchase the same car after 3 yrs of lease completion will i be in a loss or it is still a right decision ?

(d) Loan : I'm planning to take a loan from DCU , please let me know if there is any better option ?

Much appreciate your reply

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