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Unread 04-27-2009, 10:44 AM   #1
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Default The Charger R/T vs the Mustang GT(05 or newer) as a daily driver?

Hello, I'm new to the forums, and I was hoping for some quick advice on my predicament.

Long story short, I was planning to get a Dodge Challenger R/T, I got to test drive it, and I love everything about that car. It's by far the coolest automibile on the road(short of the classics). Then when I realized it was in fact too expensive for me(I make just above minimum wage), I downgraded my want to the SE. And yesterday I realized it wasn't worth it. When I look at the used market and see 05-07 Mustang GTs and 06-07 Charger R/Ts both for 17-18k, I came to the sad reality that I would paying at least 8 thousand more for a stripped down Chally V6(basically 8k for looks alone).

So, the only two other vehicles on the road I would consider in it's place are the above mentioned Charger and Mustang. I know I want an automatic(manuals are fun, but my driving is mostly city, and a manual gets old). I've been reading online and watching the endless vs vids on You Tube. Plenty of info on performance, which bone stock they seem to be about the same, usually comes down to a drivers race I'd wager. Perhaps the Stang is a hair faster.

I'm most curious about long term durability, and quality of ride(that is to say, quiet and smooth), there is little mention of this when reading about these cars. In ride quality I'm almost positive the Charger will win, as it's basically the same car as the Challenger with 4 doors. It's nice and heavy on a Mercedes frame. However I haven't ridden in an 05 or newer Stang yet, I hear their quite improved as far as smoothness and cabin noise. Gas mileage is about the same, although you have to step up to midgrade for the Charger.

Durability I don't know about. As common as the Mustangs are I would think the design is so streamlined that their pretty solid cars, the Charger should be good as well(Dad always said you can't kill a Hemi). I found a Carmax an hour away that has one of each, I'm planning to test drive them tomorrow. That'll give me a better idea as I can drive them in the exact same conditions, but I'm curious to hear about the experience of those here.

BTW not sure if this thread belongs here or in the American Car forum, mods move as you see fit.

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Unread 04-27-2009, 12:59 PM   #2
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Both are great cars, but for me personally the sound of the Hemi is very intoxicating, whereas the ford's V8 sounds good but not great. I actually started up an SRT8 challenger and the sound was amazing, second only to the Lamborghini Gallardo that cruises around Green bay occasionally. ()

You might also want to read this article Road Test: 2006 Dodge Charger R/T Meets 2005 Mustang GT

In terms of performance both are pretty close but the charger is heavier, and therefore has a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to handling and acceleration (Although it does have more power stock). The mustang also has a very large aftermarket following, whereas the charger's is quite a bit smaller.

Dodge charger
Fuel economy 17/25
Weight 4,131 (V8)
0-60 5.9 seconds Auto
1/4 mile 14.1 sec @ 100.9 mph

Fuel economy 17/25
Weight 3523 (V8)
0-60 5.1 Seconds Manual
1/4 mile 13.5 @ 103.6 mph
Simplify, then add lightness

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Unread 09-11-2009, 03:21 AM   #3
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You are most welcome to this forum.

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