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Unread 09-07-2016, 04:04 PM   #1
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Default I hate my car

2002 VW Beetle, 169,000 miles, runs and rides smooth, solid condition both interior and exterior but I hate it. I've been driving it for several months. I didn't buy it, my dad did, but it was originally intended for my girlfriend at the time who is now my ex. She was supposed to be making payments on it to my dad but when her and I broke up and she moved out, my dad had it repossessed because he had a lein on it. She never filed the paper work we sent to her to fully claim ownership. The car was then put in my name and as I said before here I am several months later with it as my daily driver. This car is replacing an '83 Mercedes 300SD, that's also a great car but it's slow as ****. People always drive around me aggressively when taking off at a green light in that 300SD. Anyway, mostly I hate the Beetle because it has ties to my ex. The other reasons include FWD and the fact that Beetles tend to be regarded as chick or girly cars (I'm currently 24 how do you think I look and feel driving a beetle...). Beetles get great gas mileage, I average 300 miles per tank so yeah that's a plus but it just doesn't do it for me. We do have a 90's (I've forgotten the exact year) Mercedes 190e. It was originally a 2.6 but we outfitted it with a 3.0 I6 and it was also the first car I learned to drive at 16 when I got my permit. I like that car very much, the styling, the size, everything, except the engine, it's not sluggish but it's only as fast by 1990's standards. I've also been looking around online at new and used cars, doing research, but I'm just so frustrated because it seems like every single car ever either has some small thing that turns me off, even brand new cars. The simple truth is I cant be pleased 100% with any car, that I know of. I can't afford anything right now anyway because my house is being remodeled, so im stuck in a rut. First world problems huh? I don't even know why I made this post. I guess I just wanted to rant.

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Unread 09-08-2016, 08:55 AM   #2
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First, we need to get a clear image of your reservations from the car. You did point out the drivetrain as a flaw, and made a remark about it being slow - so that is a gripe with the car's performance. However, you've also talked about the image of the car.

Now, the former can be covered up by driver development. You can be trained and/or coached to exploit performance that you aren't nessecarily aware the car had. It's easily the equivalent of adding 15-20BHP or modifying the tires or suspension.

As for the latter, than has to do with your attitude and the choice of car. Seeing as how you can't swap cars, what you should change is your attitude which, thankfully, you can do.

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Unread 09-08-2016, 09:30 AM   #3
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find another girl, have sex in this car, (just do not tell her anything about your ex, neither that the car was supposed ot be her, nor that you still can't get over it). it should help you tolerate this car a lot easier.

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190e, beetle, ex girlfriend, fml

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