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  1. No Specific Make NJ Inspection in 3 weeks. 2 codes. Erase NOW? or ?
  2. Chevy S10 heater intermittent
  3. No Specific Make GM molded battery cable ends
  4. Honda I put a 90/T5 battery to my honda accord 99
  5. Dodge Bracket hanging from 2002 Dodge Durango
  6. Chevy 98 monte carlo 3.1 overheating
  7. No Specific Make How do I treat small spots of rust?
  8. Dodge AC Blower motor or blower motor resistor? IT'S SO HOT!!!!
  9. Dodge 1973 Dodge Hard Jerking while hard accelerating
  10. Infiniti Key scratch repair - next step
  11. Toyota Avalon rear tire connecting and stablizing thing?
  12. Honda Short circuit, no power to dash
  13. Volkswagen Passat 3B2 1.6 acceleration issues. Engine feels stubborn and "stutters"
  14. Pontiac Trouble starting
  15. Ford Shifting issues (automatic transmission, Mercury Sable GS 2004)
  16. Kia What is this noise?
  17. Ford Ignition Alarm stuck on!
  18. Nissan Murano
  19. No Specific Make Need Advice - Windshield Replacement - Brand and Insurance
  20. Honda Van check engine light
  21. Toyota Camry 2007 Hybrid - Won't Start
  22. Cadillac CTS 2004 - Power steering issues
  23. BMW Recently Hit a Deer Need help 97 Bmw 318i
  24. Subaru Grinding/squeaking brakes
  25. Chevy Newby mechanicMechanic
  26. Lincoln 1994 Lincoln Continental - Have to Rev Engine Sometimes To Get It To Start
  27. Jeep Horn and turn signal
  28. Chevy 2005 cobalt
  29. Chevy Cars Engine Stops After Starting
  30. Chevy What kind of oil should i add if I have 'D 30 standard oil'?
  31. Dodge What is this? Something is leaking?
  32. No Specific Make Knocking sound when driving over bumps
  33. Honda Engine leak - Power Train Warranty questions
  34. GMC Sluggish Acceleration and Clutch Noise
  35. Nissan Rear Tire comes off of Car: 2012 Versa
  36. Dodge Car not starting
  37. Chevy Sudden loud noise, help please
  38. Toyota Air conditioning system broken; Echo 2001
  39. No Specific Make NO IDEA what this part is....NEED HELP
  40. Chevy 2003 Chevy Trailblazer Limp Mode
  41. GMC HELP! Service Engine Soon light stays on! (1997 GMC JIMMY)
  42. Pontiac Vibe 2003 Base - idle and smoke issues
  43. Toyota Echo 2000;bad alternator?
  44. No Specific Make Folding mirror problem...
  45. Subaru Air bubble in cooling system?
  46. Ford blower works on high only
  47. Toyota Is this my battery or my alternator? Or something else
  48. No Specific Make Oil light and overheating when stopped
  49. GMC Need help identifying part
  50. Honda Brief Intermittent Low Rumble When Accelerating at Low RPMs
  51. Nissan Car Problems and Brake Problems
  52. Chevy Does distilled water go directly to the water pump?
  53. Chrysler Need Help Diagnosing
  54. No Specific Make Need Help Identifying Car Parts
  55. Toyota Messy Battery Terminals
  56. Kia Hill park - car sliding back
  57. Honda overheating -not
  58. Chevy 1995 k2500 odd problem
  59. Honda '02 Honda Accord Overheating
  60. Ford 80's F150 Rough Idle
  61. Saturn A/C slowly going away
  62. Ford Taurus with 75,000 has strange symptoms that come and go
  63. Buick Car won't start after specific amount of time after running
  64. Kia Is this a Crack?
  65. Honda No car keys ignition is different from door and trunk
  66. Subaru Tighten A/C belt for CCCHHHT sound on compressor engagement?
  67. Nissan Altima with bent door frame
  68. Audi Help for body damage
  69. Mitsubishi 2003 Montero Sport LS not starting problem
  70. Ford 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis - Cranks, no start.
  71. Toyota [Celica] Scraping sound - rear left
  72. Hyundai Hyundai Accent malfunction indicator and acceleration problem
  73. No Specific Make Door lock problem PORSCHE 944 S
  74. Chevy Funky old C20
  75. Volkswagen 2006 vw passat Help please!
  76. Mercedes-Benz Headlight issues
  77. Toyota Cleaning throttle body 05 Toyota camry
  78. Toyota 2007 Corolla belt/pulley still chirps...
  79. Volkswagen Hit and Run HELP
  80. Toyota Coolant mixing
  81. Toyota car cutting off
  82. Mitsubishi 96 galant runs a few mins then cuts off
  83. No Specific Make I have a bent hood.
  84. Volvo Help! Is it totaled?
  85. Ford Grounding Issue ?
  86. Honda 93 accord with sticky brakes
  87. Pontiac fix it
  88. Ford 1988 ford ranger headlight problems ???
  89. Pontiac 08 Pontiac G6 front end noise
  90. Ford 95 Taurus
  91. Jeep 2002 Jeep Liberty - Electronics Not Working
  92. Nissan Rattling vibrating and knocking nissan altima 2011
  93. Toyota Filled 3-4 quarts TOO much oil--
  94. Toyota How do I read owner's manual for oil capacity?
  95. Nissan Ran over speed bump going around 30
  96. Volvo 1998 V70 Electrical issue
  97. Chevy Where is the ECT sensor on a 99 prizm ?
  98. Nissan Car starting problem
  99. Hyundai 04 Elantra Shaking
  100. Audi keeps jumping
  101. Nissan Maxima '07 Acceleration + ABS & other sensors.
  102. No Specific Make Tuning AMAL Carburetor
  103. Pontiac low heat output
  104. Subaru Negative experience with Mishimoto radiator hoses
  105. Mitsubishi Did I Get Ripped Off?
  106. Chevy R/F Wheel Sensor, TFP Valve Switch
  107. Honda I need to find out what parts I need for my honda civic!!! help please
  108. Chevy '93 Chevy
  109. Chevy RPM's jumping
  110. Saturn loud!
  111. Kia Transmission assembly vs transmission
  112. No Specific Make 2003 saab 93 cooling system leak
  113. Nissan Rear End Noise
  114. Dodge weird squeaking noise from dodge rear end
  115. Kia Just replaced alternator, but battery dying
  116. No Specific Make Growling/rattling when accelerating from a stop after expressway driving
  117. No Specific Make Engine / Transmission shipping weight question?
  118. Kia Putting used AT transmission from 2.0L Kia Spectra in 1.8L
  119. Audi Battery and Steering wheel
  120. No Specific Make Prusa i3 at higher speed
  121. No Specific Make Is there an objective DIY spark plug test?
  122. Ford Weird problem: small toad or tree frog in my gas tank
  123. Dodge body rust
  124. Dodge need some help with the ram
  125. Chrysler quick overview of my 03 ram.
  126. No Specific Make What's best overall car or SUV today?
  127. Subaru Old car parts
  128. Hyundai Daughter wrecked, I think she's lying
  129. Dodge [ Need Part ASAP ] 2003 Dodge Caravan Body control module
  130. Dodge I'm an idiot
  131. Ford 1984 Ford F-150 Coolant Overflow container?
  132. Toyota Brakes Engaging
  133. Hyundai 1999 Hyundai Tiburon - 2 Issues
  134. Toyota Did my broken speaker kill my battery? Please help.
  135. Toyota Unusual sound coming from engine/right tire side
  136. Ford Fusion with ongoing noise issue
  137. No Specific Make Is my 06 mazda 3 totaled?
  138. Chevy 2007 Uplander - No AC, Clutch Engaged, No fans, equal high and low pressure
  139. Honda 1997 Type SH Starting Problem
  140. Chevy Chevy Astro replace distributor cap
  141. No Specific Make Both cars experiencing similar unusual problems
  142. Saturn saphia isnt runnin so hot ):
  143. Honda ABS Light intermittent
  144. Nissan Cost to replace Engine/Transmission?
  145. Chevy Blazer electrical acting up
  146. Honda help locating voltage regulator!
  147. Volkswagen My brakes are acting up... I don't hit the brakes hard but it feels like I do?
  148. Jeep RPMS randomly shoot up
  149. Hyundai Tiburon Overheating Help!
  150. Toyota Overheating Help? :/
  151. Jeep Pcm
  152. Ford Old gas removal from gas tank
  153. Jeep Car shuts off at red lights
  154. Subaru 2 Check Engine codes MAP sensor
  155. Honda 1992 Honda Prelude rear brake caliper banjo bolt?
  156. Honda 05 Element Dying
  157. Buick Front Wheel Squeal When Driving After New Brakes
  158. Chrysler 2002 Chrysler Town & Country - Idle Problems?
  159. No Specific Make Is RockAuto reputable?
  160. No Specific Make Mazda Tribute - Leaking Brake Fluid - Engine Fire - Recall 6712A
  161. Hyundai problem with AC/HEAT
  162. No Specific Make Starter Motor Advice...
  163. No Specific Make Opel Astra Whistling sound after 30 minutes driving
  164. Jeep My car starts at 2 RPM
  165. Toyota Truck Dying Out
  166. Infiniti Inf M35 wheel shaking
  167. Toyota Battery Charge Light
  168. Hyundai 2000 Hyundai Elantra, Loudest Engine Ever Heard
  169. Dodge 1999 Avenger Electrical Issue...HELP!!!
  170. Buick Driving car slow all the time... bad for battery? Or bad alternator?
  171. Ford Grand Marquis randomly shut off
  172. Ford '02 Ford Taurus 3.0L SOHC Heating Problem
  173. Honda Oil leak after oil change?!
  174. Honda Heat light on but not hot
  175. Jeep Jeep problem with Starting and Acceleration
  176. No Specific Make 2004 Mazda 3 2.3L automatic - weird problem with 4rd gear
  177. Ford Taurus overheating.
  178. No Specific Make Mazda 06 not spraying wiper fluid.
  179. No Specific Make What would cause low volts?
  180. Volkswagen Please help me diagnose what is wrong with my car...part II
  181. Chrysler 1996 Chrysler Concorde Inner Tie Rod
  182. Chevy No Power options work
  183. Chevy blazer
  184. Infiniti delayed starting or no cranking at all
  185. Cadillac Recommendation for a portable battery charger for 08 Escalade
  186. Lexus Fixing Front bumper
  187. Chevy WEIRD problem
  188. Toyota Replacing car door handle STUCK!!!
  189. Chevy Fuel PRessure Regulator
  190. Toyota Speakers not working since spraying vents...
  191. Volvo Brake Rotor Brands
  192. Chevy 1991 Chevy Van 20V V8
  193. Chevy 2003 cavalier crunching or grinding noise when shifting to drive?
  194. Ford 2012 Ford Fusion buzzing noise in cabin
  195. No Specific Make Mazda 3, 2010 strange burnt scratches on the side of rooftop
  196. Chevy 2009 Cobalt LT Engine light
  197. No Specific Make Opel Astra G: Can't get starter out of the car
  198. No Specific Make Do it yourself services?
  199. Ford ford focus timing?
  200. Chevy Car making strange knocking noise
  201. Chevy starting issue
  202. No Specific Make Noob Question need to help!!!
  203. Automatic Toyota Noah shakes when accelerating
  204. Ford Hope this is the right section but...
  205. No Specific Make Noob Question need some help
  206. Ford 94 ford f-150 starting problems
  207. Ford Engine shutting off when I hit 30 MPH or so
  208. Honda 05 Honda civic over heating problem
  209. Honda Coolant Leak, I think...Can you help?
  210. No Specific Make Crack on the engine sleeve. Please help!
  211. Pontiac creaking?
  212. Honda Please Save My Honda City Sx8, Year 1997
  213. Chevy Cavalier 2003 start problem
  214. Ford replace drivers side window 2006 Ford Five Hundred
  215. Volkswagen Low gas mileage after long overdue synthetic oil change : 2003 Volkswagen Jetta
  216. GMC Battery or starter
  217. Chevy power windows
  218. Honda Issues on Car I'm Thinking About Buying *Need Repair Costs*
  219. Volkswagen '01 Jetta A/C Compressor Help
  220. Nissan Maxima P0430 Band 2 code
  221. Toyota Squealing Serpentine Belt on Startup
  222. Chevy Mikes Blazer has a Problem.
  223. Honda Jacked up the wrong area and it collapsed
  224. Ford Mabye a hyrolock?
  225. No Specific Make 2000 Suzuki Esteem - Power System Failure
  226. Ford 96 Taurus rough idle
  227. Pontiac Troubleshooting
  228. Help Please!!!
  229. No Specific Make Just Rolled Into The Shop
  230. Coil problems , please help !!!!
  231. No Specific Make 99' Dae Woo Nubira- Need some radiator advice
  232. Pontiac New pads + turned discs, breaks still don't stop well
  233. GMC Black Coolant
  234. no acceleration
  235. ABS light on
  236. GMC Aftermarket radiator Brand
  237. Honda wheel bearing rusting on new car?
  238. Ford Bad Balancing & busted bearings... 3500km trip ahead! Need experienced advice, plz.
  239. my 2012 chevy sonic engine noise
  240. Pontiac Secondary air injection solenoid
  241. Toyota Sticky Bug Shield Removal Help
  242. Dodge 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 *electrical problem*
  243. Chevy 2001 chevy blazer
  244. Saturn 1994 Saturn SC problem
  245. Lexus Backup Camera not working
  246. Chevy 1990 Chevy Caprice..350 Engine..Need Help!!!
  247. Toyota corolla LE - Rear Bumper Clear Coat
  248. Chevy 1996 Geo Prism Issues
  249. 2003 vw jetta electrical problem
  250. Chevy 2001 Chevy Lumina Wont Start