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Default Directional + Non-Directional = Pulling?

I will preface this by saying I plan on replacing both of these tires to match the two two-week-old tires on the back of the car within the next week.

Here is the situation. Being a recent graduate, I never had the money to replace all of my tires at once. Over my tenure, I have had numerous issues arise with them leading to me having 3(!) different brands of tires on my car.

One tire that my mother was kind enough to have replaced for me is a directional tire. It is approximately 2 years old, but should not have too many miles on it. It is currently paired with a very worn non-directional tire.

I am experiencing some heavy pulling to the side of the directional tire. At high speeds I am required to put constant pressure to keep straight. I may jack up that wheel after work today and give it a spin to ensure its not a sticky caliper (wouldn't be the first), but I wanna check with some knowledgeable folks first and see if people think its the strange combo of tires or something else. I thought maybe it was the alignment, but I only really noticed this after I bought the two new tires and everything was rotated (new tires on back).

Thoughts? Sorry, I do not know a whole lot about cars, so let me know if I misused any words or if you need to know more information. My car is a 2003 Dodge Stratus R/T 2-door

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