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Unread 12-18-2007, 01:19 AM   #1
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Default Discounttires = Dishonest?

I'm new to buying tires for cars and I felt cheated by discounttires. I'll warn anyone who decides to purchase tires from them with my experience with them.

I went to a discount tires branch in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Like all my first time purchases, I was talked into buying a set of 4 Falkan tires ($72 each) instead of 2 Barum tires ($52 each) we initially decided on since I'm offered $50 for trading in 2 of the old tires. BUT, the sales rep did not key in the $50 trade-in (MISTAKE #1).

I got the car back 50 mins later. When I got the car, it's kind of fishy since Barum is written on the tires. Didn't take it really seriously and went home but felt that the need to check again. To my horror, I found out that they are the cheaper Barum tires (MISTAKE #2).

I called in and ask them about Mistakes #1 and #2. After putting me on hold for a min, they told me to go back. So I drove 3 miles back. Here is the most horrible part. The sales rep had the cheek to tell me that the ones on my car are actually the same grade as the Falkans I'm supposed to have.

I had to insist that THEIR webpage showed that the Barums are $20 cheaper. This is the most dishonest part. Anyway, if we did not do a proper check, we would be paying $50 + 4 x $20 = $130 more when they happily deny any responsibilities...

Anyway, I'm really pissed at this point and demanded for the extra $30 discount (for changing a set of 4) I found on the website. So they gave me $160 back in all. I do understand that businesses can be protective of themselves and deceptive, but all these that they did to me is really horrible since they probably know that I'm new to this tire-changing thing.

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Unread 12-18-2007, 11:06 AM   #2
Now accepting bribes.
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please every body thinks they're getting hustled the guy screwed up then made good on it plus some stop crying. it's lack of communication in the chain of command not them trying to rape you . Granted the shops sounds like it's poorly managed but don't trash the whole business b/c of it. The kid was trying to save you some trouble by talking you in to a reputible brand like falcon and not that cheap piece of junk you wanted but ultimately you get what you pays for so at least he gave you back the extra $30 you'll need it when the tires wear out

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Unread 12-19-2007, 11:05 AM   #3
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it just must be the tire shop where youre at because the discount tire here is the best tire shop weve been to which includes- big o and some dealer ships with a shop, they are very helpful and also offer a little more expensive tires just because the ones we wanted were cheap. All in all the guy most likely made a mistake and they made up for it.

ima ricerboy

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Unread 12-19-2007, 11:19 AM   #4
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I am willing to bet the advertised tires were a different size than what you needed for your car. Not all size tires cost the same for obvious reasons. I am not saying they didnt mistreat you but It is a chain so I wouldn't call this typical. I am sure you have been to some perfect mcdonalds and been to some that are dirty and do not have any napkins out and they get your order wrong. If you like the food, or deals in this case you complain at the store you are at and you visit another location in the future.

Needless to say You have one post and came here to rant. If you only came to rant I see no need for this post. If you never respond to this then I will delete it.
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Unread 12-21-2007, 01:15 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by SpookedJunglist View Post
I am willing to bet the advertised tires were a different size than what you needed for your car. Not all size tires cost the same for obvious reasons.
Did I mention I am new to buying tires? Here I am trying to warn people of possible problems with a chain and I get shot down by all the people here.

I need to clarify:

1) I might have used too harsh a word when I say dishonest. I apologize for that since I, as a customer, should obviously give them the benefit of doubt. They are probably not in the wrong. Just one thing leading to another.

2) I knew what I was looking for. It is 15 inch Ford tires. I'm new, but not dumb so don't assume or suggest things that are not as objective. It feels like you are trying to defend them.

3) Ok, it is just one shop in the chain. But since it is a chain, I suppose the management should look into the quality of each and every chain. It is part of the brand name, which is why I picked discounttires in the first place, thinking that such a big franchise will probably give me less problems.

4) I'm discussing about the mistakes they make. I'm perfectly fine with them suggesting that I should get those better Falkans tires, which, in the end, did not turn out that way. (After the whole episode, would anyone have the mood to think of changing the tires to something better, esp when they didn't even suggest it? I was really disappointed at that time and I suppose most people will just do as I did, take the money - the only option I was offered after which I was given the silence - and go.)

5) It is Michigan here (ie. cold), and I have to get out of the shop and walk to the parking space to make sure that I wasn't wrong (I even called up my friend who double-checked on the website just to make sure I'm not accusing them for no good reason). NONE of the sales personnels bothered to follow me to check that they indeed made the error or possibly not.

6) They had the serial number of the cheaper tires written on my invoice too. And I remember clearly asking the sales person if that is really the correct serial number and if that is really the same grade as the Falkans. And the person without even bothering to check properly said yes with much confidence. (I'm sure they have had the time between my call and my arrival there the 2nd time to check out the situation. I'm driving down a 2nd time so why can't somebody make sure that there is no mistake?)

There are many points in the whole story that something could be done, but it just shows the lack of effort on their part.

After the whole rambling, I feel responsible to add this new twist to the story. As I'm so frustrated, I posted the story on 3 forums, and sent it to the discounttires web feedback. I thought that nothing could be done and I'll end up being another frustrated consumer.

However, they did admit to their mistake in the end. I got a phone call at 8am 2 days later. The manager of the branch called up to apologize and offered me a set of Pirellis as compensation.

I'm trying to be objective here. If you put yourself in my shoes and the same thing happens to you, how will you feel? If you still think that I'm whining, I will really like to see your reaction when the same happens to you. I'm somewhat appeased by their apology but the warning still stands. Whichever shop you go to, please check that what you pay is what you get.

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Unread 06-23-2008, 12:52 AM   #6
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I've used my local discount tire for over 15 years now. So far I have had nothing but great service from them. I always check around before any purchase and they continue to beat everyone else on price.

One time they sold me a set of tires that were a bit too small so my odometer was off. It took me a few thousand miles to figure it out. I went back and told them about, they verified that the tire was indeed to small and put a larger profile tire on my car free of charge. I thought that was pretty cool any other place might not have done that.

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