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Unread 08-27-2016, 11:35 AM   #1
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Default 04 Olds alero bearing issues

Having issues with the wife's 2004 alero. It growls at speeds over 10mph and only gets worse. I assumed it was the wheel bearing but it doesn't really change much when on a curve. I pulled both front wheels today to check for play and neither one seems bad. I replaced the driver wheel bearing not to long ago. I reached back to feel the axles and the inner shaft on the passenger side has a lot of up and down movement. The driver side had some movement but not as much.

I helped my wife's uncle when his colorado did this and it was the bearing the axle slid into. Unfortunately I can't really find any info on this for the alero. Do you think this bearing could be causing my issue? Any advice?
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Unlikely to be the transaxle. Colorado is a different animal being 4WD and using a front diff.

I just replaced a wheel bearing on our Alero and it was showing the same symptoms - no change in noise when turning. Sounds exactly what you're describing.

Play in the bearing isn't a reliable method of checking - if there's play the bearing is REALLY bad..but usually they aren't to that level.

I'd just replace the passenger bearing. Easy and cheap.
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